Wildcard Wednesday

Berlin, MD – Budget Travel’s 2014 Coolest Small Town in America



I have lived on the Shore my whole life. My favorite place to visit, as long as I can remember, has always been Assateague Island. It was my favorite place as a child, and is now my favorite place to build memories with my children. Unfortunately, there are no housing developments, condos, or real estate on Assateague Island (yet, anyway). I am hopeful that in the very near future, I will purchase my next home minutes from Assateague. Where are the closest available properties? Berlin, MD. And it so happens, that Berlin is a town that encompasses everything I could describe as my “dream locale”. In 2014, Budget Traveler named Berlin as America’s Coolest Small Town. And who could blame them?? Here is some information that could have you scoping the market for your next home:


  1. Historically Charming –  While strolling down Main Street, you are walking the same path as the Assateague and Pockomoke Indians did, long before the colonial period. Eventually, this same path became a main commerce connector route to the north and west. It was at that time known as Philadelphia Post Road. This area was part of the Burley Plantation, a 300-acre land grant dating back to 1677. At the corner of the Philadelphia Post Road and Sinepuxent Road, now South Main Street and Tripoli Street, colonial travelers stopped at the Burleigh Inn. “Berlin” is believed to have come from a conjoining of “Burleigh” and “Inn”. Berlin can be dated back to the 1790s, although it wasn’t incorporated until after the Civil War, in 1868. 47 structures in Berlin are noted in the National Register of Historic Places and nearly two centuries of architectural heritage are represented. These structures are well preserved or renovated, and date from three distinct periods: Federal, Victorian, and 20th Century.
  2. Architectural Awe – Thanks to local citizens, businesses and the Town government, the town center has been renovated and the historical preservation of the commercial and residential districts has been a success. There is a Victorian town center, museum, historic homes, and tree-lined streets. The magnolias , sycamore, bald cypress and Ginkgo trees are nothing short of fascinating. The town center features mostly brick buildings, uniform setbacks from the street, bulkheads beneath the lower windows, and appropriate door and window openings.
  3.  Main things on Main Street – Described as “eternally young” and “artistically alive”, Berlin’s Main Street is nothing shy of a thriving and diverse community. Located only 7 miles from Ocean City, Main Street incorporates over 50 retail shops and 10 dining establishments, coffee shops, bakeries, sweets, antiques and more. Here is a full list of all Main Street has to offer!  On the 2nd Friday of every month, join the Art Stroll at 5p.m. and explore galleries showcasing fine art, individual studios, co-ops and local and national handcrafts. image
  4. The Calvin B. Taylor House Museum – Located in Berlin’s historic district, the main block of the house has been furnished as a house museum. The West Wing is home to a gallery displaying local memorabilia. The Taylor House Museum is the local archive for all things historic in Berlin. The Visitor’s Center is always open with someone to help you Monday-Friday 10am-4pm and 11am-1pm on the weekends.
  5. Burley Oak – Visit this microbrewery for a tour, or support local agriculture and business by enjoying a pint! It is a unique atmosphere with excellent beer. They do not serve food, but you can bring your own or order in.
  6. The Globe – A restored little theater, with all the charm you would expect in Berlin. Good food, gold service. The Globe usually has fun happenings such as art exhibits, live music and game nights.
  7. Assateague Island – As previously mentioned, Assateague is my personal favorite. It has a little bit of outdoors for all. There is the beach, the bay, camping, hiking, wildlife, kayaking, canoeing, birdwatching,  fishing, picnicking and just plain relaxing. Be sure you can experience all this park has to offer. The Rackliffe House is located on the shores of the Sinepuxent Bay, on the ‘mainland’ as you enter onto Assateague Island. It is a historical home that has been restored and tours are available.


This is just a FEW of the amazing things that exemplify Berlin, and its surrounding areas. Now is the time to find your happy!  YOU DESERVE IT!!

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