10 Tips for Moving with Kids



Moving is hard. Moving with kids is brutal. But, as we all know, folks have been moving with children for generations. Luckily enough for us, their trials and tribulations have given us an excess of friendly tips and tricks to help ease the burden. Here are a few of The Moore Team’s favorites.

  1. Involve your entire family
    Host a family meeting. Value your children’s opinions, letting them voice questions/concerns and express excitement. Be sure to explain to them why you are moving and how the move will be beneficial to everyone. Prepare the children for what to expect before, during, and after the move.
  2. Let them Help
    Allow your children to house-hunt online. Show them pictures of homes you like. Look at homes they like. If possible, take your kids with you to tour potential homes.
  3. Give them some say in their Room
    Allow them to pick paint color, furniture arrangement or decorating schemes for their room. It’s not always feasible to be able to purchase a new bedding set or paint and redecorate your child’s new room. But you can let them choose a new picture, pillow, or nightlight as a special addition to their new space. Let them GET EXCITED about it!!
  4. Time Your Move (if possible)
    If at all possible, try to time your move. Perhaps try to move while kids are on summer break from school. Or after other milestones such as birthdays, potty training, or even a new baby. Try not to make the move any more overwhelming than necessary.
  5. Tour the New Location
    Check out the new city or part of town you are moving to. Are there any nice parks? A neighborhood full of young children? A restaurant or ice cream shop the entire family would enjoy? This will help build and maintain excitement for your children.
  6. Let them Pack
    Make them a part of the process. This allows them to feel important. If your child is too young to do this alone, let them help.
  7. Throw a party!
    Give your children a chance to say good-bye to friends, family and neighbors in a FUN and meaningful way. Host a party they won’t soon forget.
  8. Say Good-Bye in a Special Way
    635969410821251507774815123_goodbyeOur homes hold so many emotion-filled memories. Help your child find a small piece of it to take to the new house. Examples of these items could be a rock from the garden, a small plant, or even water from the faucet turned into a DIY water globe. Have one last family dinner in the old house or even make a custom book of photos from the house. Do something special as a way to remember.
  9. Make the New Place Feel like Home
    If you children will be changing schools, help them by visiting and familiarizing them with the new school. Also, show your kids that they will be able to make new friends. Help them get a jump start on the process by signing them up for activities they enjoy where they’ll be likely to meet kids their own age.
  10. Celebrate!
    kids-movingEnjoy the new house. Have a family game night or try out a scavenger hunt in the new neighborhood. Show the kids that the new house is just as grand as the old. Your family is still your family, no matter where you live.

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