Moving Monday

Simple Tips for Home Staging

When you take the bold move to place your home for sale, your home goes on display for potential buyers to analyze, critique and compare against other homes for sale. Realtors frequently speak of “staging” your home, or making your home look desirable and enticing.

Overlooking details could make the difference between a “FOR SALE” and a “SOLD” sign hanging in front of your property.

1. Curb Appeal


The facade leaves each potential buyer a with a crucial first impression. Simple landscaping can go a long way. Place simple potted plants at the entryway and keep the front clear of debris. Weed the gardens and get rid of that old patio furniture.

2. Clean Up


Leave no stone unturned. Your whole home should have a tidy and fresh ambiance, all the way down to grout in the shower, garage flooring and cobwebs in ceiling corners. Dust and mop. Clean everything.

3. De-Clutter

Now this seems to go in hand with cleaning, but we want dirt and grime to disappear along with stacks of mail or magazines, shoe piles in mudrooms, toys, kitchen appliances not used on a daily basis and exercise equipment. While it is not necessary to toss these things, they should at least be placed out of view or stored neatly in some type of storage bin in an inconspicuous area. A potential buyer is likely to inspect closets and attics, so don’t just throw all your clutter into a pile in your bedroom closet.

4. Freshen Up


Many people love spring time because they can open up their windows and let in some fresh air. Despite weather conditions, open up a couple windows and let some fresh air circulate for 15-20 minutes when you are anticipating potential buyers over for a showing. Fluff pillows and set the dining room table. Make every aspect seem inviting. Also, never underestimate the power of fresh flowers.

5. Go Neutral


If you make the decision to go for a fresh coat of paint before selling, it is smart to aim for neutral tones. Some buyers can be turned off by bold or bright palettes, even if it looks great with your current furniture. Most buyers would prefer to go bold on their own terms.

6. Rearrange and Update

Opt for a furniture layout that leaves spaces open, allowing the buyers to envision hosting family or friends. If your furniture is old or worn, try a slipcover and some new throw pillows. The buyers most likely aren’t acquiring your furniture, but old or ratty furniture can be a turn-off in the general scheme of things.

7. Diss the Pix


Take down most or all of your baby and family reunion pictures. Potential buyers want to envision their new life in the home, not your dearly beloved grandmother at her eightieth birthday.

8. Apple Pie?


This one is pure speculation, but I have read from other real estate blogs that the smell of fresh baked apple pie is psychologically proven to help sell. Ambient fragrance in the background appeals to shoppers’ senses and creates a warm, comforting atmosphere. Candles tend to leave a “burnt” smell and should be avoided. Good news: Frozen pies are said to work just fine. Just be sure to clean the kitchen when you are done 🙂


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