Moving Monday

Winter Moving Made Easy

If you are anything like me, living at the beach is the only way of life. Long, warm, sunny days of sand and swimming. Unfortunately, the arctic temperatures and freezing waters of winter are not adequate for my definition of “living at the beach”. Despite whether I like it or not, winter is a reality for the Delmarva peninsula. I love the eastern shore, and have lived here for thirty years. It’s a matter of taking the good with (what I consider) the bad.

Despite what a person’s favorite season may be, moving is impartial to ideal conditions. The weather is a fickle being, unable to be controlled and ever-changing. So if you find yourself settling into a new home this winter season, here are some tips for making winter moving less stressful (because we all know it is stressful enough).


Help Me!

The easiest way to survive a winter move is to hire a moving company. A moving company will give you the fastest results, with the least amount of heavy lifting. If you choose this route, be sure to tip well. Most professional movers will still be getting the same pay, despite risky conditions. If you are not able to hire professional movers, gather as many friends and family members as possible, to expedite the process. To show your appreciation, offer hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa) or warm foods.


Watch the Weather

The 10-Day forecast can change multiple times throughout the week. Be sure to monitor changes on a daily basis up until Moving Day, and be prepared to act on changes as needed. If you’ve hired movers, talk to the company to see what their policy is in terms of winter conditions.

Check the Utilities

Along with chilly temps, winter also brings shorter and darker days. There is nothing worse than having no heat and no lights in the dead of winter. It is recommended to have utilities turned on around two days before the move. You should utilize these couple of days to ensure all utilities are fully functioning before moving day.

Keep Winter Accessories Handy

There are a couple of things you may want to “forget to pack”. Be sure to keep snow shovels, ice scrapers, salt or sand, and any other winter accessories ready and easily accessible. It is also a good idea to keep hats and extra gloves at your disposal. If you are moving in snow, ice, or even rain, your hats and gloves can get wet.


Board Your Pets

It is easy to be consumed with the move, and furry four-legged friends can easily be forgotten about. Pets can linger at the feet of movers or friends, causing potentially hazardous situations. With frequent in-and-out traffic, a pet could easily escape out the door unnoticed. Nobody wants the additional stress of a missing pet, while moving, in potentially tricky weather conditions. Pets, like children, can also become stressed with chaos and new surroundings. To keep your pets, and yourself, stress-free, move your pets last.


Keep It Clean

If wintry conditions accompany your moving day, safety is the most important thing to remember. Clear sidewalks, walkways, driveways or parking lots at BOTH homes. The movers should be free of slippery conditions. It’s also important to protect the interior of your homes, as water, snow, ice, sand, and salt can be drug in and out of the homes. Putting down padding, such as cardboard (best option) or towels, can help keep moisture and filth contained to entryways. Buying a few cheap tarps is another potential idea. Extra towels should be kept handy to dry off boxes or furniture as they are moved in.


Regulate You

Keeping yourself comfortable is also pertinent advice. Be sure to dress in layers, so you have the flexibility to add/remove layers as needed. It can also be helpful to keep the door open at both homes (another reason to board pets!). Keeping the door open can keep your body temperature balanced, instead of continually bouncing from hot to cold to warm. If you have people going in and out all day, your poor furnace will be trying to heat the house and it will all go straight out the door. If you turn the heat off, just for the day, not only will you save on the electric bill, but it will keep the interior temperature balanced as well (helping to regulate you!).



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